Built for any environment. Especially this one..
For today, tomorrow, and what’s next.

At PCI, we understand—perhaps better than most—our role in delivering sustainable products and solutions and building an environmentally aware end-to-end manufacturing workflow. Nowhere is this consideration more evident than in our commitment to carefully vetted American sourcing, energy-efficient operations, reduced carbon footprint, and much more. Across our entire business, we are:

Manufacturing products that
are durable and easily
recyclable, at the end of
their lifespan
Establishing and enhancing sustainability practices across
our entire company

Moving toward manufacturing with zero landfill waste

Using substrates wholly or partially derived from recycled materials whenever possible

A commitment to energy-efficient production

In partnership with Entergy Arkansas, our company has driven large-scale energy conservation measures across our entire operation. These include: 

Installing long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs that lowered energy use and maintenance while improving safety, productivity, and employee comfort.

Reinforcing insulation to better control facility climate and reduce heating and cooling power users.

Installing new, more energy-efficient machinery, which has also helped increase production capacity and efficiency. 

These enhancements have cut our energy usage by more than 10 million kilowatt-hours. But that’s not all. At PCI, sustainability is everyone’s job. We’re committed to continuous improvement that will lessen our impact on the power grid … and on the planet. 

Questions about our sustainability policies? Give us a call at 800-962-6788. 

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